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Relevant Facts About Commercial Garage Door

As a business owner, the security of your vehicles and business premises is paramount. Whether you’re renting or own your office space or workplace facility, your garage door is essential for both running your business operations smoothly and protecting your assets.

Commercial and residential are different from many points of view. When you purchase, install, or simply inspect an existing commercial garage door, you should make sure it matches your needs. First and foremost, garage doors that are used for commercial purposes are subjected to more wear and tear than residential ones.

Large vehicles, such as trucks and trailers, may go in and out through these doors daily, so they need to be more resistant than regular doors and comply with standard safety regulations.

Here are some of the most important factors to be taken into account when looking at commercial garage doors.

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Type and Material Commercial  Roller doors

Depending on your business, you might be better off with a particular kind of garage door or another. The most common commercial garage doors used for garages are sectional and roller doors. There are several kinds of roller doors used for commercial purposes, including service or counter doors, as well as security grilles.

Service doors can be found in hospitals and college campuses, for instance, while counter doors are used in smaller spaces, such as retail environments or concession stands. Retractable security grilles also fall in the category of roller doors and are used in schools, shops, or storage facilities.

The preferred material for commercial garage doors is steel because it is an enduring material which adjusts to high traffic conditions, and resists well in case of potential impacts. The steel used for sectional or roller doors can be thinner or thicker, according to your needs. If you want increased protection, you can go for heavy-gauge steel.

Aluminum is also a popular material for commercial doors because, due to its aspect and properties, it can serve well the purpose of creating a transition between spaces or partitioning a facility, such as a warehouse or a restaurant.

Size and Style – Commercial garage doors

Commercial garage doors can be custom made if you want to give them an additional personal touch or make them reflect company identity. You may also choose a custom commercial door if you need a particular size that cannot be found on the market, in which case you have to place an order to have it manufactured. Some office buildings have custom garage doors that single them out and make them easily recognizable. Entries can include windows, which allow you to benefit from more natural light, or may distinguish themselves through specific designs or decorative details.

Automated or Not – Electronically operated doors

Some businesses, especially small ones, can do perfectly well with a roller door that can be operated manually. On the other hand, more prominent companies, which use their garage doors very often, require an automated system, which makes traffic more convenient. Electronically operated doors for industrial use include heavy-duty components, such as stiff springs, which last longer.

Before you choose any kind of commercial garage door, take the time to consider these factors concerning your business need to be able to make an informed decision.

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